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DC Justice Lab remains a frontrunner in advocacy during our third year in operation, as we continue our work to transform policing, prosecution and punishment in Washington, D.C.

RESEARCH. During DC Justice Lab’s first full year in operation, we co-authored three sets of ground-breaking recommendations that would transform policing in the city and cut the District’s incarceration rate in half. Following an impactful year, DC Justice Lab kept its momentum in 2022. We published a racial equity impact assessment tool with gun violence prevention advocates.

ADVOCACY. Working with lawmakers, nonprofit partners, and concerned citizens, we helped ensure the D.C. Council (1) put limits on what police can do; made it easier to seal criminal records. and (3) paid closer attention to how people are being treated in our jails. In 2022, our advocacy supported the District’s work to overhaul the entire criminal code,

TRAINING. DC Justice Lab collaborated with other non-profit partner organizations to host the inaugural Safety Summit, a community-based empowerment event for Washingtonians seeking smarter safety solutions. Together, we unveiled a pro-Black, evidence-based, shared agenda, aimed at transforming public safety in Washington, D.C., and supported by influential criminal reform advocates, policy experts and community organizations. We can’t wait to do it again.

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